The Great Escape

The weekend after Thanksgiving we decided to make a trip to Arizona to visit Mike and Brittany.  Since we recently had Maddex, we have discovered that traveling with a baby is not spontaneous or as easy as it used to be.  After packing like we were going to be gone for two weeks instead of five days, we decided it would be best to leave one of our two dogs home.  We decided to leave our English Bulldog, Rosco home for two reasons.  1. HE IS BIG AND DANDY IS NOT  2.  Rosco has a hard time getting along with other male dogs.  Mike and Brittany have two italian greyhounds, so we thought we would spare the trouble of having to separate their dogs from Rosco and it would make for more of a care free weekend.

Now let me introduce this pretty little lady below.  Dandy Lu is her name.  Lu is after her moms name Lucinda.

A little background on Dandy…

JT convinced me to get Dandy.  I had never had a little dog and used to think little dogs were annoying.  Then we brought her home at 8 weeks and I obsessed about this little helpless puppy.  It was borderline ridiculous.  When I would leave her in her kennel while I was at work I almost cried EVERYDAY and I drove through California traffic every lunch hour to be with her.  Soon Dandy Lu had my heart more than any of my other dogs that I had loved growing up.  Today she has almost been with our family for two years.

Then one day I thought she was gone forever


We decided to go do some Christmas shopping and preparing to head out the door we put the dogs in the backyard and checked that they had food and water.  After a fun afternoon of shopping and eating we returned home.  We opened the back yard door and only two dogs came rushing in.  Dandy Lu was nowhere to be found.  The italian grey hounds are itty bitty only weighing 7  to 10 pounds, but Dandy only weighs 4.5.  Through the smallest of cracks in their fence Dandy had gotten out.  We called and shouted and screamed “Dandy!!!!”  My little helpless tiny dog did not come.  Frantically Jt got in the car along with Brittany to search for my little pup.  Maddex are baby was crying and wanting to nurse.  I had to stay behind, while they went driving and looking.  I strapped on my nursing pillow and my hooter hider and out MAddex and I went looking for Dandy.  I know I was a crying crazy lady walking up and down the streets nursing, searching and screaming DANDY…DANDY…DANDY!  I called my mom and sister bawling telling them Dandy was gone forever and I hoped she hadn’t been hit by a car.  I prayed and prayed.  I knew the chances where so slim she would be found and found alive.

Then a hour or so later Jt and Brittany came back and YESSSSSS with my little baby precious Dandy LU!

A lady who we did not know or even get to meet found her while she was out walking for exercise.  She approached a neighbor out working in his driveway and asked if she knew who the dog belonged to.  He said,”I bet I do.”  I guess he knew a another neighbor who had yorkies and thought Dandy was theirs.  He took her in.  As you can imagine and who knows where she had been, but Dandy was covered in twigs and dirt.  Together him and his wife bathed Dandy and feed her.  Then this nice couple who we came to learn were the Brewers went back to work in their garage.  That is when Jt was slowly driving around the neighborhood and the man knew as soon as Jt pulled up that he was looking for a little dog.

NOT only were my prayers answered Dandy Lu was safe and pampered.  To keep the long story shorter they feel in love with Dandy and want to buy a yorkie.  We became friends with them and are planning a BBQ upon our return to AZ.  I could never thank them enough, but a fifty dollar gift cert. had to do.  If only I could thank the msytery lady who orginally picked up Dandy and took her to the Brewers.   So much for thinking that leaving Rosco behind would make thinks easier…Dandy probably went looking for him.

I learned once again PRAYER WORKS.  Dandy also had no tags on with contact information.  Without kind people and the miracle of prayer the following circumstances would not of occured. We are so lucky the mystery lady found her stumbled upon the Brewers and that the Brewers were outside at the right time for Jt to approach them.


Maddex’s three month pictures…


I can’t believe my NEWBORN is now an INFANT.  He is so handsome.  Brittany from Brushfire photography, captured these photos.  Maddex posed perfectly on his own.  In the beginning of the shoot he folded his hands and held him on his chest  or under his chin all by himself! I have a perfect little model man.  At three months Maddex is all smiles, loves ceiling fans, lights, and a musical giraffe his Grandma Huston gave him.  We adore Maddex more and more everyday!